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Contents of New Ideas for Today
1. Message of the Day - Twin Troubles
2. More Help
3. Family Reminder of the Day
4. Quote of the Day
5. Question of the Day
6. From the Trenches - Health/Fatigue
7. More Info
**The Messies Anonymous website, www.messies.com, is back up!  Thank you for your patience.**

1. Message of the Day - FIGHT TWIN TROUBLES

Two ideas will trouble us if we let them influence us.
These two ideas are:

"I'm in too big a hurry to take care of that now. I'll get back to it later."
And so we leave a something undone when we could have nipped the problem in the bud by taking care of it right away. Examples: filling ice trays, storing leftovers, putting up shoes, hanging up clothes or towels.

"It's not all that important."
Somehow on the spur of the moment it's too easy for us to abandon our dream for a nice house by forgetting what we really long for. We lose our focus temporarily and clutter results. Example: leaving cabinet doors open, not clearing the dining room or kitchen table completely.

Watch for those twin troublesome thoughts. They may fly through your brain but don't let them build a nest there. Instead neutralize them by saying the opposite to yourself.

Repeat, preferably aloud, "I will take time to do it now," and "It IS important. I will take care of it."

Develop good mental habits in these two areas and your life will change.

2. More Help

The NEW and IMPROVED K.I.S.S. Flipper

The first & second printing sold like hot cakes; the third printing is hot off the press.
Have you ordered yours?

The  K.I.S.S.(Keep It Super Simple) Flipper has fresh ideas on how to move through your home, day by day, room by room, with simple choices for maintenance and organizing. It will gently guide you through the process of creating clear and shining surfaces throughout out your home!

With the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper all you have to do to is FLIP through the spiral-bound, sequentially numbered, full-color job idea cards.  No more sliding cards into sleeves; the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper is ready to use out of the package.  When you are ready to begin, make a few simple choices each day from one card and you will be on your way to a clutter-free and well maintained home.

Free BONUS:  Once you order, you will also receive the "K.I.S.S. eBooklet" via email to learn the "Hows and Whys" of the system while you wait for your K.I.S.S. Flipper, so you will be ready to start the day your K.I.S.S. Flipper arrives.

Introductory price $26.00 US postage included

Go to the link below to order you NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper today.

3. Family Reminder of the Day

In our family, we don't boss others. We focus on our own responsibilities.

In our family, we talk kindly to one another.

4. Quote of the Day

"If you can't easily access it, mess is pre-programmed."
MessiesTalk web group.

This quote emphasizes how important having the house
well organized is. Storage must make it easy for you to
get out and put up your belongings or else things will
begin to be left out.


5. Question of the Day

If your house were perfectly organized and lovely, what important thing would you do that you are not doing at this time? Is that goal worth working hard for?

Tell us by posting on Friends-of-The-Organizer-Lady.
6. From the Trenches -HEALTH ISSUES, Fatigue

I want to thank whomever it was that suggested I get my thyroid checked when I complained of being too tired to clean. I went in on Monday. The results of my thyroid test won't be done until tomorrow but one test was completed. I have mono! I had it 12 years ago so I thought I was immune, but apparently there's a new strain going around and I got it. So if any of you out there are extremely tired, get a mono test!


Editor note: Don't ignore the possibility of a physical problem of some kind if you are very tired. Get help for mono, thyroid, depression, borderline anemia, or whatever your doctor and you may discover is the root of this problem.
Fatigue is one of the chief, but often unspoken, issues of Messies.

7. More Info

This is a simple program. We stick with the basics as they are presented in these messages. Keep reading. Keep adding one part of the program at a time.

Repetition is important.
Forward to friends if desired but not to other sites.
Read this whole posting or only what you can take in today, then delete it.

Don't forget the daily reminders!!!
The daily Reminders and How-To's are found on our website at
"How to Begin" http://www.messies.com
8. Helpful Resources

Are you still interested in getting organized?
Did you know that there is a hands-on program to help people just like you get more organized?
It’s conducted virtually by teleconference and gets you to make progress every single session.


Please memorize this slogan and post it on your wall.

The secret to success is making very small, yet very consistent, changes.

Or to make it short; Baby steps, baby steps in the right direction.

Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.

73 © Sandra Felton 2010

THE ORGANIZER LADY® is a trademark of Sandra Felton,
founder of Messies Anonymous.

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