Monday, April 27, 2015


Remember the Messies Anonymous battle cry: 


Weave this habit into your life and your house will change. 


Contents of New Ideas for Today 
  1. Message of the Day - TWO GOOD REASONS 
  2. Did You Know? 
  3. Habit of the Day 
  4. Family Reminder of the Day 
  5. Quote of the Day 
  6. Question of The Day 
  7. From the Trenches - IMAGININGS 
  8. More Info 

1. Message  of the Day


Losing things is so frustrating for Messies that they 
feel compelled to make every effort to make things easy to find. 

American men take an average of 8 minutes and women 
take 7 minutes a week looking for the TV remote. Six 
minutes is the average time Americans take looking for 
car keys before going to work. 

While average neat folks are somewhat frustrated when 
they can't find something it is twice as bad for Messies 
for two reasons. 

  1. Messies have trouble seeing what they are looking for. Because they are often not as visually capable as others, many Messies fail to see what they are looking for even though the item they are looking for may be in sight to others. 
  2. Messies lack patience for the search. Organized people seem to have a patient persistence unknown to Messies. They are willing to spend time flipping through paper after paper when the tendency of the Messie is to give up earlier. The Messie wants to give up quickly and either lets it go entirely or buys another of the missing item. 

Because finding things is so frustrating for the Messie, 
she must get and stay organized in order to avoid the 
chronic stress of looking for things. 

Give yourself the gift of order. 

2. Did You Know? 

I've Got to Get Rid of This Stuff!

If “I want to get rid of it but I just can’t” sounds like you 
and if you are ready to change, this ebooklet is for you.

This is a self-help program designed to make a significant 
difference in three weeks time.

Click here to go to our webpage where you can purchase 
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Five BIG IDEAS that can fix your house and your life, forever!
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This title offers a big promise, a tremendous promise, 

but one I think I can keep.


3. Habit of the Day



Based on the TV Ten Second Tidy. Include your family 
or work alone. Set a timer and all rush around tidying 
for ten minutes. This will work miracles. 

4. Family Reminder of the Day 

Pick one of these reminders or make one of your own 
to share with your family each day. 

In our family, we wash, dry, fold, and put up our 
clothes as one continuous job. 

In our family, we make sure all trash goes into the 
trash basket. We pick it up if it misses. 

5. Quote of the Day 

"As one goes through life, one learns that if you don't 
paddle your own canoe, you don't move." 

Katherine Hepburn 

6. Question of The Day 

Are you willing to make daily small sacrifices in order to 
achieve the long rang goal you want? Name one organizational 
thing you really don't want to do but are willing to do 
daily in order change your life. 

Tell us by posting on Friends-of-The-Organizer-Lady. 

7. From the Trenches 


I now know I will NEVER go back. 

I now can imagine Mr. Potential actually stepping through my door. 

I now can imagine my friends actually stepping through my door. 

I now can imagine clients actually stepping through my door. 

I now am asking myself, how did this all start? How did I get 
so disconnected from my life? 

In answer to that one, I know now that clutter, for me and 
possibly/probably others, is a sign of a depressed life, a life 
that is oppressed and dragged down and not fully capable of 
being all that it was meant to be. And I want all my friends 
and support system to know that. And if they ever find my 
house cluttered again, I want them to sit me down and look 
into my eyes and find out what is really wrong. 

(Thanks to Rozwin) 

8. More Info

You may have noticed that the KISS Flipper is not available 
for purchase on the Messies website. Were you wondering why?

We are completely re-packaging this helpful tool!

The Keep It Super Simple Flipper concept remains the same. 
It will still have helpful and fun job cards, but it will be repackaged 
into a smaller overall size and at a better price!!

And, probably the best news is that you won't have to do anything 
at all to set it up. It will be completely ready to use as soon as you 
take it out of the mailer!

Wow!! Great News!!

This is a simple program. We stick with the basics as they 
are presented in these messages. Keep reading. Keep adding 
one part of the program at a time. 

Repetition is important. Forward to friends if desired but 
not to other sites. Read this whole posting or only what 
you can take in today, then delete it. 

Print a copy of the Part 2 Reminders and How-To's today 
if you do not already have a copy.


Please memorize this slogan and post it on your wall. 

The secret to success is making very small, yet very consistent,changes. 

Or to make it short; Baby steps, baby steps in the right direction. 

Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness. 

52 © Sandra Felton 2010 

THE ORGANIZER LADY® is a trademark of Sandra Felton, founder of Messies Anonymous.