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Be sure to read below at 7. From the Trenches, KEEPING UP.
It is an excellent encouragement.

Contents of New Ideas for Today
1. Message of the Day - BOUNDARIES
2. Did You Know?
3. Habit of the Day
4. Family Reminder of the Day
5. Quote of the Day
6. Question of The Day
7. From the Trenches - KEEPING UP
8. More Info
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1. Message of the Day


The world is full of so many interesting things to do that it is hard to say no to them. Wonderful activities abound. There are many things to do that are fun, educational, exciting, creative and helpful. The excitement of participating lures us to participate. Sometimes friends or family encourage us to join in. But wait! Opportunities are unlimited but time is not. Nor is energy. This tension makes it imperative for us to make deliberate, thoughtful, and (let's face it) hard decisions to decline some or many of these wonderful things to do.

The best way to do this is to determine ahead of time what three or so areas of life you feel are really important. Write them down so they will be concrete and remembered. Post them on the refrigerator or by the phone. Eliminate activities that don't contribute to those areas. When somebody suggests outside these parameters, either say NO or, if that is too difficult, tell them you need to think or pray about it. After you have rallied your determination, say NO, I CAN'T.I'M SORRY. Explaining is not necessary. This is called setting boundaries. And it is very, very healthy.

2. Did You Know?
The NEW and IMPROVED K.I.S.S. Flipper

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With the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper all you have to do to is FLIP through the spiral-bound, sequentially numbered, full-color job idea cards.  No more sliding cards into sleeves; the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper is ready to use out of the package.  When you are ready to begin, make a few simple choices each day from one card and you will be on your way to a clutter-free and well maintained home.

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If “I want to get rid of it but I just can’t” sounds like you and if you are ready to change, this e-booklet is for you.

This is a self-help program designed to make a significant difference in three weeks’ time.

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3. Habit of the Day

Gather ten things to throw away. Get them in the trash immediately. Sometimes we give away things but today we are asked to just toss them out. Surely there are ten things that can hit the trash can today.

4. Family Reminder of the Day

In our family, we strive to complete projects and clean up expeditiously.

In our family, the person who uses the last sheet of toilet paper puts a new roll on the roller.

5. Quote of the Day

At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. You don't need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough. No record of it needs to be kept, and you don't need someone to share it with or tell it to. When that happens--that letting go--you let go because you can.

In their book, Time for Life (p.91), Robinson and Godbey quoted the novelist Toni Morrison's book, Let Go.

6. Question of The Day

Don Aslett says " I don't want to shock you, but I believe in wearing work clothes a week, not a day." (How to Do 1000 Things at Once) Wearing less clothes
cuts down on laundry. The question of the day asks for your response to Don Aslett's idea AND any ideas you have for cutting down on laundry. Note: he did
not say his kids wear their clothes for a week.

Tell us by posting on Friends-of-The-Organizer-Lady.

7. From the Trenches

It's much BETTER to clean to KEEP UP than it is to clean to CATCH UP!

It's not *always* easier, more convenient, less tiring, but it is BETTER I think. Why? Because if we KEEP UP, then we get to avoid "the big mess is back" frustration and disheartened feelings

procrastinating the big job of catching up,

the exhaustion we feel after all the work of catching up, the repercussions of the housework vacations we grant ourselves after the above.

Keeping up gets boring FOR A WHILE! After the "this is hard" phase, and the "I can do this better" improvement phase, and the "this is boring" phase, comes the phase where we can mindlessly address those normal, ordinary, *routine* tasks which our houses need every day; at least, that's what I've found. The catch is that we have to find each of our problem areas and go through the process with them all. Tiring, boring, frustrating by itself, but ultimately rewarding because you achieve an organized life.

Thanks to Gail.

8. More Info

This is a simple program. We stick with the basics as they are presented in these messages. Keep reading. Keep adding one part of the program at a time.

Repetition is important.
Forward to friends if desired but not to other sites.
Read this whole posting or only what you can take in today, then delete it.

9. Extra Help

It’s a new year.
What better time to start getting organized!

Don't forget the daily reminders!!!
The daily Reminders and How-To's are found on our website at
"How to Begin"


Please memorize this slogan and post it on your wall.

The secret to success is making very small, yet very consistent, changes.

Or to make it short; Baby steps, baby steps in the right direction.

Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.

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