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Spending less time and energy on the mechanics of living gives more time for more significant pursuits.



Contents of New Ideas for Today
  1. Message of the Day - REAL LIFE
  2. Habit of the Day
  3. Family Reminder of the Day
  4. Quote of the Day
  5. Question of The Day
  6. From the Trenches - THE FLIPPER
  7. More Info

1. Message of the Day - REAL LIFE

The life we are living is not a dress rehearsal for the real play. 
The sobering reality is that what we do from day to day is the 
actual thing.

Today is one small scene. Scene after scene we build the total 
play. When the play is finished, what reviews will it get? An
important part of the play is how you function organizationally. 
It is the backdrop of many more important factors in your life.

Or, to use another metaphor, it is not practice for the real game. 
Today is just one game in a long series. We don't need to win 
the trophy. But we do need to play with confidence and skill. 
A player succeeds if he knows what to do and does it with 
repetitive consistency. Following the rules of the game, he
or she moves forward.

Today, work with a serious confidence, joyful in the privilege 
of having a chance to be in the drama and to participate in the game.

2. Habit of the Day

Put your shoes up. This may mean you need to rearrange 
your closet (or wherever you keep your shoes). Do you need 
a shoe holder? Do whatever it takes to make it easy to get 
them in or out. Then do it.

3. Family Reminder of the Day

Pick one of these reminders or make one of your own to 
share with your family each day.

In our family, we put up toys, games, tools, and stuff 
we are using immediately.

In our family, we don't leave things out just because 
we plan to get back to the project later.

4. Quote of the Day

"If you can't move the mountain, move a few stones."

Don't worry because you can't do it all at once. 
Just do something. Perhaps set a timer for fifteen 
minutes and work on a problem spot for that length of time.

5. Question of the Day

Are you willing to make daily small sacrifices in order 
to achieve the long rang goal you want? Name one 
organizational thing you really don't want to
do but are willing to do daily in order change your life.

Tell us by posting on Friends-of-The-Organizer-Lady.

6. From the Trenches 


I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids (5, 2 and 9 months). 
I have been married for 6 years and have struggled with 
housework for that whole time. My poor husband has just 
about gone crazy, because he is a cleanie and was raised 
with a very, very cleanie mom. He and I just wanted to 
write to say thank you, God has blessed me so much through 
your book! I read it a couple months ago and then purchased 
a copy of the Messies Manual. I finally found something that 
made sense. So many things in the book described me to a 
tee. It was funny! Anyway, I made the Flipper with the materials 
you suggested and yesterday started using it. I can't tell you 
how freeing it was and how good it felt to go on a date with 
my husband that night and be guilt free and not thinking of 
all the work I hadn't gotten done! It was so amazing! I just 
did what was on my card for the day and then I was able to 
work on a little more without feeling overwhelmed that the 
rest of the house was still unclean! WOW! Thank you soooo 
much for your ministry! Please keep sharing with others!
(Thanks Nikko)

(Editor's note: The original Flipper described in The Messies 
Manual now titled "Winning the Clutter War" Instructions on
how to create one for your family can be found in the files of
Look under Messie Basics, The Flipper.)

7. More Info

You may have noticed that the KISS Flipper is now available
for purchase on the Messies website again.

We have completely re-packaging this helpful tool!

Keep It Super Simple Flipper concept remains the same.
It still has helpful and fun job cards, but it is repackaged into a
smaller overallsize and at a better price!!

And, probably the best news is that you don't have do anything
at all to set it up. It is completely ready to use as soon as you
take it out of the mailer!

Wow!! Great News!! 


This is a simple program. We stick with the basics as 
they are presented in these messages. Keep reading. 
Keep adding one part of the program at a time. 

Repetition is important. 
Forward to friends if desired but not to other sites. 
Read this whole posting or only what you can take in today, 
then delete it. 

Don't forget the daily reminders!!! 
Print a copy of the Part 2 Reminders and How-To's today 
if you do not already have a copy.



Please memorize this slogan and post it on your wall.

The secret to success is making very small, yet very consistent, changes.

Or to make it short; Baby steps, baby steps in the right direction.

Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.

51 © Sandra Felton 2010

The Organizer Lady® is a trademark of Sandra Felton, founder of Messies Anonymous.

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