Friday, November 11, 2016


"Inch by inch is a cinch. 

By the yard it's very hard."

Nibble your messes to death by focusing on one 

part of the problem at a time regularly. Break it 
down into sections so you can have the satisfaction 
of accomplishing a goal. 

Sandra Felton, The Organizer Lady®

Contents of New Ideas for Today
  1. Message of the Day- TO-DO LIST
  2. Habit of the Day
  3. Did You Know?
  4. Family Reminder of the Day
  5. Quote of the Day
  6. Question of The Day
  7. From the Trenches - HABITS
  8. More Info

1. Message of the Day


One of the things that keeps us stressed out is carrying around too much information in our minds. Many of those are things we need to remember to do, call, write, buy, or whatever. They may be just little things but they are important parts of a big picture.

Walk on the peaceful side of the street. Get those things down on paper and you can relax, knowing you won't forget. 

Print a copy now of my To-Do list by clicking on the link below. It is in a pdf form that you can easily print at home.

This idea and all of the helpful reminders are in the  "Part Two" 
list found at

2. Habit of the Day

HELP IT GO HOME - After you create a home for your belongings, make sure your item is not allowed to stop when it is out until it reaches its home. Put up the scissors, keys, check book, purse, and all the other things that tend to want to stop on the way to their home. If you know the song "Get Along Little Doggie", sing that as you do. Others may prefer the song from the Beatles which has the words,

Go home
Get back, get back
Back to where you once belonged.

You get the idea!

3. Did You Know?

The NEW and IMPROVED K.I.S.S. (KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE) Flipperis available!

The  K.I.S.S. Flipper has fresh ideas on how to move through your home, day by day, room by room, with simple choices for maintenance and organizing. It will gently guide you through the process of creating clear and shining surfaces throughout out your home!

With the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper all you have to do to is FLIP through the spiral-bound,
sequentially numbered, full-color job idea cards.  No more sliding cards into sleeves; 
the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper is ready to use out of the package.  When you are ready
to begin, make a few simple choices each day from one card and you will be on your
way to a clutter-free and well maintained home.

Free BONUS:  Once you order, you will also receive the "K.I.S.S. eBooklet" via email to learn the "Hows and Whys" of the system while you wait for your Flipper, so you will be ready to start the day your Filpper arrives.

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I've Got to Get Rid of This Stuff!

If “I want to get rid of it but I just can’t” sounds like you and if you are ready to change, this ebooklet is for you.

This is a self-help program designed to make a significant difference in three weeks time.

Click here to go to our webpage where you can purchase for $5.00. The ebooklet will be sent to you via email.

4. Family Reminder of the Day

Pick one of these reminders or make one of your own 
to share with your family each day.

In our family, we don't leave things out just because we plan to get back to the project later.

In our family, we wash, dry, fold, and put up our clothes as one continuous job.

5. Quote of the Day

"When I face the desolate impossibility of writing five hundred pages a sick sense of failure falls on me and I know I can never do it. This happens every time. Then gradually I write one page and then another. One day's work is all I can permit myself to contemplate and I eliminate the possibility of ever finishing."

John Steinbeck, Travels with Charlie.

Don't try to look ahead. Just focus on doing one planned job after another one day at a time. You may think you can never finish. But, like Steinbeck, you will.

6. Question of the Day

How are you keeping your dream alive? 
Have you written it down? 
Do you have a picture from a magazine? 
Do you have a photo of your house at its best to keep you on track? 
Do you need to order the motivational CD, 
Create Your Dream and Live It? (now available as an mp3 download) 
Listen to it every day and the way you think about your home will change.

Tell us on Friends-of-The-Organizer-Lady.

7. From the Trenches by a Messie


When I thought about the question about habits, I figured out that each day when I get up and make my bed, even though it sounds rather silly, it really has made an impact because right from the start I feel as if I am accomplishing 
something in the house.

The other thing I have made a habit is setting the dining room table for the next meal as soon as we finish eating. It prevents the table from getting cluttered with "stuff" and is attractive as we go through the room during the day and 
evening. It always looks welcoming I guess is what I am trying to say.

8. More Information

This is a simple program. We stick with the basics as they are presented in these messages. Keep reading. Keep adding one part of the program at a time.

Repetition is important.
Forward to friends if desired but not to other sites. Read this whole posting or only what you can take in today, then delete it.

Don't forget the daily reminders!!! Do you have a copy posted  somewhere?
Click here to print a copy of the daily Reminders and How-To's 


Please memorize this slogan and post it on your wall.

The secret to success is making very small, yet very consistent, changes.

Or to make it short; Baby steps, baby steps in the right direction.

Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.

12 © Sandra Felton 2010

THE ORGANIZER LADY® is a trademark of Sandra Felton, founder of Messies Anonymous.

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